GOenergy offers customized advice and solutions for our manufacturing customers. For example, we provide the ability to layer in hedges. A typical customer may hedge 50% of their forecasted usages on a 3-year fixed price, hedge 25% on a 1-year fixed price and float the remaining 25% on the spot market. This strategy provides price certainty and the cost savings from any potential downward price movement.

The Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program in Ontario has reduced the minimum threshold to qualify for class A to 500 kw. The class A rate allows companies the potential to reduce the global adjustment significantly. As an illustrative example of the impact, a plastics manufacturer participating in the ICI program with an average peak demand of 2 MW could see its electricity price reduced from $154 per MWh to as low as $102 per MWh. This would result in energy cost savings of up to $42,000 per month.

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