A local community benefit organization dedicated to health, wellness and fitness required help with their energy needs.

As a recreational centre, this facility uses natural gas and electricity as part of their ongoing operations.


The organization is part of a larger non-profit charitable association. A previous decision was made to leverage size and number of locations to purchase natural gas as a single entity from a major energy provider.

This multi-year contract was based on estimated consumption. Unfortunately, the forecast did not hold true for all locations, resulting in certain ones paying more than their share of energy costs. This was the situation at this particular location.

Having experienced the impact of centralizing the purchase of natural gas, the organization no longer wanted to pay a disproportionate premium for their natural gas. Their bills were increasing and this was affecting the core costs of running the facility while making it difficult to forecast expenses.

Also, centralization of natural gas purchasing made it difficult to get questions answered because the organization was unable to deal directly with the energy provider. Such simple tasks were very time consuming.


The organization chose to partner with GOenergy for their natural gas and electricity needs. They previously had a relationship with us for electricity and asked for assistance with their natural gas needs as well.

We provided a 3-year, fixed-price gas contract for 50% of their volume and allowed them to purchase the other 50% on a variable price.


As a result of their partnership with GOenergy, this organization now has direct control of their gas costs.

They pay the best price for their natural gas and have the flexibility to pay only for what they use. Instead of annually, they pay monthly for gas used—matching their consumption with their purchase and eliminating year-end adjustments.

Also, by using a local provider they receive answers quickly, allowing them to focus on what they do best—serving people.